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The Cherub series is about a secret organisation in England. The children go on missions in lots of countries. The children are highly trained for any situation. Like escaping a maximum security prison in arizona or infiltrating a deadly gang. It is a must for people who like Alex Rider. Robert’s Henderson's boys series describes how the organization began. Review by Cam

Why I like J.K Rowling's books by Arlo.

I like her books because they are entertaining and funny. My favourite one is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child because it's about how Albus, Harry's son, is turning to the dark side helped by a friend who's in the dark side and whose mother died. J.K Rowling is really entertaining and is my favourite author. And I like that we have the library so I can read her books.  

Just annoying
Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton
 It is definitely a good read maybe for people aged 9-11 . Andy has discovered a talent for annoying people at a very young age and since then he has gone on to annoy many people including friends, neighbors, teachers and strangers. by Matthew

The Anzac Puppy
Review by Chloe
“In the middle of the night”
“In the middle of winter”
“In the middle of war”
“A puppy was born.
 Lucy the young girl and her family could not afford to keep Freda the puppy,but Sam the soldier could.
Freda and Sam set them self on a journey to war.
Will Sam keep his promise to bring Freda back to Lucy safe and sound.
 A wonderful story by: Peter Millett and Trish Bowles.

      Roses are Blue by Sally Murphy
Reviewed by Paige
Image result for roses are blue book I like this book because it is a book about a little girl whose mum was in a car accident and she can't walk or talk. She doesn't tell anyone about her mum and when they have a Mothers’ Day high tea she doesn't want her mum to go so she asks her aunt instead. But then her mum comes and no one cares that her mum had a disability.  This book makes me realize that there are worse things happening in the world.

The Girl Who Rode the Wind Review by Eve
A young American girl called lola who loves horses travels to Italy with her grandmother. While she's there she learns about her grandmother's past about world war 2, the palio and the blacksmiths. With the help of her faithful horse Nico she gets the courage to ride in the palio.

This book is great for people who love horses. Personally it's my favourite book.  

The Diamond Horse by Stacey Gregg                             
This is a really good book to read for boys and girls.
It about a girl who likes a courageous horse.
It’s the most courageous horse in the whole of Russia.
Review by Harini

Kiss!Kiss!Yuck!Yuck! by Jiayi
Kiss! Kiss! Yuck! Yuck! It a very funny picture book.It by Joy Cowley.This book is about a little boy called:Andy,and when his auntie Elsie comes he always run away or hide from auntie  Elsie.Because,auntie Elsie always KISS Andy when she got to Andy’s house.Andy hides under the bed,and once he hid in the chicken house under a heap of straw.But,he got found by auntie Elsie,because he got tricked by auntie Elsie.  

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick: review by Bruno
Wonderstruck is an amazing book about a boy named Ben Wilson who was born deaf in one ear. Wonderstruck is especially amazing because it is part-words, part-pictures. Wonderstruck is a senior fiction book. It is a great book for people who are into more advanced novels. ***** Five stars!

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Treehouse series: Review by Finn

This series is an interesting series   

It’s a really fun series to read it’s about two boys called Andy and Trey and a girl called Jill who loves animals. They are crazy. . They make 13 14 15 or 16 new levels like the lemonade fountain and the marshmallow dispenser.  

This book is called Asterix and the Magic Carpet.
I recommend this book for boys.
The book is about Asterix flying on a magic carpet
and getting lost in the desert and eating pigs.

By Joshua

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I’ve been reading a book called Class A.
I really enjoyed reading it. It’s about these kids who
go undercover to catch Europe’s most powerful
cocaine dealer.
Review by Charlie

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The book was great. I had lots of  fun reading it.  It really shows if you should have a dog for a pet.  And it may be more work than you thought. And if you don't look after it it might cause trouble. But pets love you too.
Review by Addison