New Section in the Library.

Dyslexic Friendly Books

Luca with the new books

Luca from R8 recently discovered the magic of dyslexic friendly books when he issued one from WCL. He found that the books were easier and more fun to read because they were printed on yellow paper, the font was easier to read and the line spaces were bigger. Instead taking weeks to read a book, now he was getting through and enjoying a book in a weekend. 

This was the start of a whole new movement helped along by his keen teacher, Mrs Burson. She and Luca set up a stall at the art exhibition hoping to get parents to buy a few titles for the library. 
Sixty-seven books later.......a fantastic response from the community!!

Now there will be a special section in the library for the dyslexic friendly books. Check it out. They include many well-known authors such as Anne Fine, Cornelia Funke, Michael Morpurgo, Quentin Blake and Malorie Blackman.

How it all began!

Adelyn and Lachie have written about the new
dyslexic friendly book section in our school library.

It all began with our dyslexic gang…….
One boy in our class named Luca discovered a dyslexic friendly book in the Wellington City Library. He then showed it to our teacher Mrs Burson and teacher aide, Deb because it really helped him with his reading to have dyslexic friendly font and tinted paper. They were very excited and keen to find more of these special books for our learners with dyslexia and visual needs. Our teacher aide Deb then introduced us all to dyslexic font, which was in the book Luca found! Mrs Burson did some research, and found that Marsden bookstore had a very big stock, so she rushed to buy some to try out and ended up with 23 books, of which 3 were kindly donated by the Marsden bookstore. On the week of our school art exhibition, Mrs Burson bought another batch from Marsden Books of which contained an amazing number of 49 books!                                  

At the school art exhibition, Room 8 had a dyslexic book stall with the addition of students as salespeople, advertisers, and logistics. They were all very helpful in the procedure of it all. Overall, we got a whopping 67 books donated to the library by our wonderful community. Everyone was very proud, and we think that in the future all school library should have sections like ours.
Rm 8 getting ready for the stall.


  1. I am so proud of the room 8 learners and how they really made this project work. What outstanding people they all are.


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