A Flying Visit

 Room 3 was startled when an unexpected visitor flew through the door into the library and beat its wings against the windows. A kaka - becoming a more common sight in Brooklyn now. It was huge and flying wildly so the children made a hasty exit and watched from the door as the trapped bird explored the library. It was captured in a child's sweatshirt and released, flying away unhurt from its ordeal.

North Island kākā
      Information  from:  http://www.doc.govt.nz/conservation/native-animals/birds/birds-a-z/kaka/

Population: 1000–5000
Threat status: 
Nationally vulnerable
Found in: 
Large forested areas in the North and South Islands
Did you know: 
Once common throughout New Zealand, kākā are now largely limited to a few localised forest strongholds in the central North and South Island. Often nesting in holes in trees, kākā chicks stand little chance when attacked by by rats, stoats and possums.
Kākā is at risk from a predator plague caused by high levels of seed production ('beech mast') in 2014. Battle for our Birds protects kākā and other native species from predators.