A Week in the Library

Listening in the Library

War Horse  by Michael Morpurgo

Over five weeks R7 listened to the BBC audio version of War Horse.
Here is the link:War Horse BBC audio

Zara: In the library we have been listening to War Horse. I think it is a great idea to teach us how it felt and how lucky we are to have no war in New Zealand.

Sylvie: War Horse seems you are actually in the story. All the sadness is heart-breaking but then it can be beautiful all the same. I would recommend the story for everyone.

Maia: War Horse is an adventure that twists, turns and can break your heart in a second. I recommend this thrilling audio book to war fans and people that absolutely love cliffhangers!

Natassia: War Horse was very sad but it is very good. It is from a horse's perspective and is about how he lived through the war. It is very good if you like to listen to stories.

Florence: I really liked listening to War Horse because I got to draw about what I was listening to. 

Will: We listened to War Horse. There is a special horse called Joey who got taken to war away from its owner.

Exploring the Library's animal book collection

Room 1 explored the animal books in the non-fiction section. They found lots of interesting facts - animals that started with the same letter as their name, their favourite animal, strange creatures of the deep and lots more.

 Inventors, Explorers, Artists, Designers 
Room 16 at work 
Jayden and Saul finding countries.

Inventors Eliot and Tommy
Lucca using the new "How to Draw Sports" book